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Ridge Retreat

An elegant new home, more like a retreat in Auckland’s countryside

LocationAuckland DateOctober 2019

This beautiful home set in the country near Auckland is a recent new build project for Bespoke Interior Design, although new there is an immediate sense of establishment and longevity in the end result. Sitting into a country vista the interiors are layered and subtle as they are draw the eye to the view at all times, whilst still accentuating the fabulous furniture we selected and made and the art which we curated especially for our client. We stood on the land a while back at concept stage and took in the cues of the landscape, the architecture and the clients own tastes and created a bespoke look with beautiful finishes. Using various complimentary and contrasting types of stone in a layered manner, Metalier, steel, veneer, glass, mosaic, tile etc. We designed the Kitchen ourselves and all the cabinetry throughout. The result is atmospheric and luxurious, a real experience.