Exceptional interior design creating a personalised design response.

As Spatial Interior Architects, we cover all aspects of a project, whether commercial or residential.

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What we do

With many years of industry experience in all types of projects, residential or commercial, new build or renovation. We have a wide reach of skills spanning the many aspects of a project. As interior architects we address architecture and exterior elements, spacial design, cabinetry design, selection of finishes and fixtures through to furniture design and selection, window treatments, art curation and accessories.

We have a developed knowledge and consult on architecture, lighting, landscape and other aspects of your project ensuring a cohesive and clear direction with all design professionals.

How we do it

Taking cues from the environment, architecture and the client’s preferences we bring a knowledgeable professional design solution to the project in a timely manner with great communication and documentation and have a process that is outlined here as an indication.

What we do

  • Interior finishes Selection

  • Soft Fit Out Selection

  • Hard Fit Out Selection

  • Kitchen, Bathroom & Laundry

  • Custom Cabinetry

  • Exterior Finishes Selection

  • Lighting Design

  • Design Management Services

Our Process

  1. 1.

    Meet & Greet

    We meet with you at your location, or at our offices, have a coffee together and chat through your goals and define the scope of work. We assess your budget, establish collaborators and create an Estimated Fee Proposal for our services. This proposal indicates the amount of time we will need to meet your requirements.

    Concept & Review

    We take the time to review the Architect’s plans with the interior fit out in mind. This may include looking at joinery, kitchen and bathroom layouts. We then reiterate your brief back to you in the form of a “look and feel” - imagery, ideas, initial samples of finishes and space planning that capture the possibilities and vision for the project.

  2. 2.

    Developed Design – Hard Fit Out

    Once we have all agreed on the direction of the design from the look and feel, we specify all Hard Fit Out finishes for both the exterior and interior– wall, floor, cabinetry, fixtures, fittings, hardware, lighting, cabinetry and more. We produce a detailed specification that ensures all details are on hand for anyone working on the project to ensure maximum efficiency. Quotes and tender analysis are supplied at this stage with lead times indicated where possible. Our long established relationships within the industry mean that we can often provide you with significant savings from retail prices.

    Detailed Design

    We now move into the detailed space planning and design of all kitchens, bathrooms and other interior elements. We have the expertise to produce conceptual CAD drawings in-house of such areas. We present concepts, reference, plans, elevations and proposed details. This is then refined from your feedback to the final design which is then priced with preferred suppliers to ensure an overall reduced price. We then go back and forth with the chosen cabinetmaker before manufacture.

    Design Management

    At Bespoke Interior Design we can be available during your process to make site visits. These are to ensure the integrity of the interior design is upheld during construction and installation.

  3. 3.

    Developed Design - Soft Fit Out

    Once the Hard Fit Out has been selected, we refine the original space planning to design the exact furniture layout. We discuss with you any existing furniture or art that will be re-used. We then select new furniture, fabrics, accessories, window treatments and design custom furniture pieces where required. All choices are then put into a similar specification, space by space, item by item.

    Soft Fit Out Pricing and Orders

    Following on from the schedule, we will then price each item (tender when necessary) Our long established relationships within the industry mean that we can often provide you with significant savings from retail prices. Once you have agreed on the quotes we will order the product and spend time communicating with suppliers and coordinating deliveries to suit you.

  4. 4.

    Procurement and Delivery

    We manage all product orders and delivery to site. We then run around to select the final touches such as accessories and art. All items are then placed, styled and adored.